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Kennel's Story
Arno, Brando, Camilla, Gastone, Ginevra, Tabitha

Andrea, Tommaso, Daniela e ...Camilla
(by Andrea Guermandi)

There’s nothing so special if a family welcomes a puppy in its home. But when a real alchemy occurs, when an unique and unrepeatable feeling grows during the growth of the little pet, you understand that a kind of miracle has been achieved.
Camilla is our daily miracle. Made of tenderness, tail-wagging, words and smiles. Camilla speaks to us, smiles to us. She understands when it’s time to play and to go out, when you need to sense her warmth and her love; she knows when she’s doing little scrapes and when you are becoming indispensable to her.
Our family is made of complicity and is playful, available and dialectical. I’m not afraid of denials if I say that Camilla has made us even more united and more playful, disposable, dialectical and with more complicity. She is our little head rope when we venture in to woods, but she is also the irreplaceable follower of every daily moment. She doesn’t steal, but she makes you understand that she wants a little crust of stale bread when she rarely has to stay by her-self, or when she has literally respected the home Decalogue.
Seated on the sofa – mine is hers and vice versa – after a nap she looks at you with those big eyes to ask you a caress and thus it begins an infinite play made of mutual tenderness, little lickings, sweet whimpering and sighs. Do not ask her to be what she will never be: aggressive or prevaricator.
She couldn’t ever do it, not even with the little cat older than her self.
When we are travelling along the roads with the camper, do not ask her to be on guard because she wouldn’t never do it.
She is our invaluable navigator, standing jus in front of the camper between daddy, that is me, and mummy who is my wife Daniela.
Meri knows all that because she has bred by tens of Camillas and Camillus and in this case, miracles happen again and again.
Now that she’s almost nine years old, we can only say that these years have been marvellous.
We could be happy if we human beings have been capable of transmitting her just the lowest percentage of all this Camilla has conveyed and gifted us.