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Kennel's Story
Arno, Brando, Camilla, Gastone, Ginevra, Tabitha


December 2003. I was watching the news on TV during lunch time. They were speaking about the earthquake in Iran. Suddenly, while I was watching the movie from Iran, the cameramen shot a golden retriever and a german shepherd. The two dogs were working in the middle of the ruins, looking for someone to save. I recognized the golden retriever. He was Arno. Years before, Fiorenzo Fasoli – ANA – Verona came to visit my kennel. He was looking for a puppy to train as a rescue dog. We tested all the males of a litter I had and he choose Arno. (I kept a brother and his name is Reno – Blu the housename -).  Immediately, I phoned Fiorenzo’s house and I spoke to his wife. She told me Fiorenzo and Arno were in Iran. I was really moved about it.

I permit myself to say I’m proud and glad that some dogs born in my kennel could be useful in the benefit of society.

On this page, you find an article about Arno and Iron (Corriere del Veneto – 27 december 2003) and, if you wish, you can find others articles on website

Thanks to Fiorenzo for this important mission.